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[Sticky] Welcome to the new official Movie Business forum!

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Welcome to the new official forum of Movie Business project. You can rise here all topics related to the game itself and all tools / sites / sub-projects related to this universe. The old forum was in Polish language - here default language is English.

The forum was split to few main categories.

  • Tomiga Voice - where I inform you about some news and announcements related to the project
  • Discussion Board - the main discussion forum.
  • Q&A - where you can write your questions to specific products
  • Report a problem - where you can put information about all problems and bugs which you found.
  • Hyde Park - other topics not related to the project

If you want to discuss some particular issue it is good to write in the title the version of the game you refer to. E.g [2018.0.3]

Also as default post language is English if you are afraid that you are not able to describe problem clearly you can use Polish language but it good to add in such topic prefix: [PL]

To write the post you will have to register (by giving your email address). You will get link which allows you to set the password for your account.

IMPORTANT: if you will not get the link please check the SPAM folder in your mailbox provider!



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