Your ideas for Edition 2020 of Movie Business

The summer is over and the period begins when I should have a little more time to sit to create another version of the Movie Business. Hence I have a question for you what functions/adjustements you would gladly saw in the next edition of the game.

At the forum was created dedicated thread where you can place your ideas. These can be both minor improvements and completely new functionalities. Treat it as a brainstorm. Not all of them will probably realised, but surely I will look at each of them.

Your idea should consist of three elements:
Idea – Short description of your idea
Why do you think it is a good idea – That is what thanks to it the game will gain or what the current problem will be solved.
How do you see it in the game – How you imagine your idea implemented in the game.

I invite you to share yours ideas in this thread.

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