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In this section you will find information about the game modes in the game and player profiles.


If you want to start the game in other than quick mode you need to create your individual profile. In the profile are stored various information associated with the player, your achievements and related data carried out by it. These include:

  • player's data
  • information about the progress made in challenge and career mode
  • information about gained trophies
  • Player's statistics

The profile is essential if we want to play in each mode in addition to the quick game mode.

Profiles in the cloud

Players who have made a donation at level gold have the ability to store a player profile in the so called Cloud or on the game server.

In which situations this feature can be handy:

  • When installing games on the new computer (then we can import our profile from the game server)
  • When we play more than one computer or start the game on the first but we leave for example. for the holidays to your home, and we would like to continue overcoming new challenges. Then we can export the profile before you leave and then import it on the new computer (where you installed the game).
  • the second common case is reinstalling the computer. Here again before reinstalling we export the profile, and after reinstalling we can recover it from the cloud.


Available game modes

Movie Business 2 offers four main modes of gameplay. Each of them has some specific elements. Here is a list of the available modes:

  • Quick game
  • Challenges
  • Party Game
  • Career mode

Below is a brief description of the individual modes of the game.

Quick game

Single or multiplayer mode. It does not require creating a profile. It is characterized by more cash available to each player at the beginning of the game and unlocked all genres. Unable to set gameplay options, game saves, and trophies. In this mode you can use cheat cods.


Mode designed for one player. It is playing a series of games during which overcome the next, more and more difficult challenges. In this mode, there are trophies. Your progress is saved in your profile. More about challenges find out here.

Party Game

It is designed for both single and many players. In this mode, most trophies are not available. However, the player has the ability to freely modify the settings (e.g. the number of rounds, his own set of creators or setting the degree of realism). Donors from the Bronze level have unlocked all genres from the beginning of the game. Donors from the Bronze level can use cheat codes in this mode (this will result in a ban on earning trophies and no eskport of films to MovieStats after the end of a given game)


Single-player mode. Divided into three stages corresponding to different degrees of difficulty. Player throughout his career, on this level, in addition to the production of films tries to realize more and more difficult goals, which puts before the game. When he reaches the appropriate number on the horizontal unlocks the next level. In this mode, you can modify any game options all parameters are set to the most realism. NOTE: a long time playing time (5-10 hours!). More about career here.


Comparison of game modes

The following table presents a comparison of the most important parameters between different game modes.


Game Type

Quick game


Party mode


Number of Players 1 1  1-X  1
Min. playing time

20 years of

(240 months)

Depends on challenge  12 months 30/40/50 years
Max. playing time

20 years of

(240 months)

Depends on challenge  50 years

(+25 for donors)

 30/40/50 years
Trophies No Yes  Limited  Yes
Configured options/save game state Scenarios/No No/No Yes/Yes  No/Yes
Cheat codes Yes No No (for donors YES) No
Player profile No Required Required Required



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