Today about the new functionality available to Donors. Several times she appeared suggestion players to allow infinite playing time or be able to continue the game after completion of the standard, for a given type of gameplay time. Not quite enjoyed this idea due to the fact that the game contains multiple algorithms depend on the passage of time. These include aging and other dynamic parameters. An additional problem is the structure of the data, which can be overloaded by too long a period. A longer explanation of the lack of such functionality can be found in the FAQ section.


Starting However, the expectations of the players, but I decided to do a little experiment and share new option called Game+.

Well, it will rely on the fact that after the end of the standard game in classic mode, party or challenge the player in addition to Start a new game donors receive button Game+. If you select it, the game does not end, and playing time is increased to 2050 year and the player will be able to continue to continue.

This mode is, however, a few limitations that will cause that not all features will be available in the game.

First, you will not be able to earn trophies or saving the statistics to a profile. In the course of the game + will not be available option to write the State of the game (I'm assuming that the game + is intended only for situations when a player so strongly involved in the game, that "he forgot about God's world").

I think that most game + will be used in challenge mode, when it is often "the most interesting time" game is coming to an end of it. With this option, you will be able to continue the game despite (or not) to challenges.

In spite of the implement mode, not really I am convinced to it (a little bit at odds with my vision of the game) therefore, this option is available only for Donors the Bronze level (and above).

In the end, if someone decided to support the project financially it may require a bit more than the standard player. If wants to play a little longer despite the reduced realism, here it is, gets an option.

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  1. Rise once BF on smarty? It would be perfect. From what I remember you write in c #, and I have just WindowsPhone… Unfortunately I do not know programming, so I have no idea how much it West – Hence the question, whether or not it is real.

    • Check Out The FAQ. There was an example of how to go on Mobilkach… Yes, Windows Phone in theory is simplest to porting. However, it is not so that simply compile desktop applications under mobilkę… This is a completely different type of application, you need to completely redesign inerfejs… etc… Unfortunately I have no time for this, and in general the damage.

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