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In the Cast tab, you have the opportunity to cast all roles in the script of your film, choose the studio and the intensity of post-production of your film.

Cast selection

The main part of the window consists of two lists:

  • List of roles in the script (top).
  • List of creators you can cast in the role of your choice (bottom).

By selecting a specific role from the list of roles in the scenario, you will refresh the list of creators that you can fill the selected role.

Specific roles/creators can be marked with different colors. Here is their meaning:

Colors in the role list in the scenario

Background color

  • White – default
  • LightSalmon – role not cast
  • LavenderBlush – role is a Cameo
  • PaleGoldenrod – role is a Monster
  • PaleGreen – The cast role has an cult character name
  • LightCyan – The role cast is cult character
  • LightSalmon – role is dubbing

Font color

  • Black - Default
  • Maroon – Main role
  • RoyalBlue – Supporting role
  • Green – Episodic role

Colors in the creator list

Background color

  • White – default
  • YellowGreen - A person has a valid contract
  • Tan – is a person found by scouting
  • PaleGreen – Bonus person received for winning a specific trophy
  • Gold – Legend (bonus dla Donors)
  • LightGray – A person does not want to play in this production because of: reluctance to appear in the continuation, does not like the script, does not like the genre)
  • Gainsboro – A person does not want to play in this production because of too little prestige of the producer
  • PaleGoldenrod – the person will play only after negotiations (the person's salary is higher than normal)
  • LightCoral – the person is busy with other productions

Font color

  • Czarny – domyślna
  • Gray (Grey) – Number of roles per person > 0 (the person has already been cast for this scenario)
  • Green – Your relationship with the person is positive (>0)
  • Purple – Your relationship with the person is negative (<0)


> Help > The Game > Film production

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