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For the technical aspects of our production and special effects corresponds to the studio (the more expensive, implicitly, the better). Post production is an additional opportunity to enrich our film about the advanced special effects (CGI). This option is only available in the best (most expensive) studies. Of course, the better (more expensive) studio, this it allows you to create more advanced special effects.

The player in the production of the film can devote an appropriate share of the budget for this item. Post production in addition to the impact on the production budget also increases the time of film production.

A positive aspect of the post production is increasing its advertising potential. This means that it can be more advertise.

You can also get the An Oscar for special effects.

Element associated with the concept of post production are post-production effectsthat allow you to apply visual effects to images.

> Help > The Game > Cast, studio and post-production

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