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Target group, also known as target, defines for which audience your movie will be created. This parameter allows you to delimit movies purely commercial from those more ambitious. With this option, the player has the option to decide how to turn out his career in the Film Business can focus on productions not requiring for the widest possible audience, or go in the direction of more artistic movies but which reach smaller audience.

At the start of the production of the film, the player must decide to which target the movie will be addressed. This is a critical decision and it will have an impact on the entire life cycle of your movie.

There are four types of target with the following values:

  • Commercial
  • Mainstream
  • Ambitious
  • Artistic

Opting for the target group we have to reckon with the, fact that the more artistic is film, the more limited its audience (the film becomes hermetic and the harder it gets to a wide audience) which translates to limited profits. On the other hand, more ambitious works have a greater chance at festivals. Commercial productions will not be even considered for nominations.

The target group has an impact on all elements of the game world. Starting with the salaries of creators (Those with more talent are likely to slightly reduce their salaries for more ambitious movies), the audience (which are more likely to go to the cinema for a more commercial productions) by critics, who with more sympathy looks at ambitious productions. Ending with the festivals where the jury, each of them, has it's own preferences, and advertising, which is more effective for commercial films (the advertising potential of artistic films is smaller than commercial ones).

> Help > The Game > Film production

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