Vanity Fair

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Probably not once natrafiliście statements like "10 best films of all time", "5 stupidest youth comedy", or "15 hottest names in Hollywood". In the Film Business as well from time to time appear in this type of listings based on films produced during the game.

The term Vanity Fair or Vanity Fair is the title of a novel by William Makepeaca in Thackeraya 1847 which is a satire on English society of nineteenth century. This place is suspicious, full of deceit, hypocrisy, lies and respect for appearances. Vanity Fair It is also the name of a popular magazine devoted to the culture, politics, the life of celebrities and fashion. And in this context, it must be interpreted in the game.

The two main types of bills available in the game are those about the creators and video. Statement of the developers concerning their specific parameters, for example: talent, predisposition to play in comedies, dramas, action films, etc.. In addition, can be broken down by gender (women, men, animki) whether the profession (Directors, actors, virtual characters) as well as the age of the creators (for example,. young talents, the actors after 40-stce, If the list of all time).

Listings movies relate to films made by all players and may concern e.g.: profit, the audience, advertising, special effects or evaluation.

Of course this could be setting the best or the worst (both people and films).

Vanity Fair must surely be considered a bit with a grain of salt (like most similar summaries).

> Help > The Game > The end of the round

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