Dynamic parameters

As you probably know some parameters in the Film Business is dynamic. This means that they change over time. So far this was parameters associated with sex appeal and the action of the creator. This mechanism was used to simulate aging. In the new version of the time will be subject to two more: popularity and talent.

Where such a need? Well, at this time, these parameters are permanently at the start of the game and have the maximum value for the creator. This means that the example. Leonardo DiCaprio in the year 1995 has a maximum popularity and talent, which of course is not true due to the fact that only started his career. Similarly, his talent at that time though high was not yet as big as today (over the years gained experience yet).

Hence, the idea appeared to the parameters of the popularity and talent have been reduced for the first 10 years after the debut of the creators in relation to its maximum value. Every year also automatically these parameters will be slightly increased to 10 years to reach its maximum value.

This is another nod to increase the realism in the game. In addition, allows you to "hunt" for better developers when there are less notable or at the beginning of their careers.

Another change is to reduce the popularity of artists whose career takes more than 40 years. Every year their popularity will gently fall. This is the most compatible with the reality of where many renowned actors after 60 is no longer known by a younger audience and more and are less likely to occur in the blockbuster movies (or occur in the productions of much below their potential as Al Pacino and Robert DeNiro).

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