Temporary production costs depend on the film's budget

Temporary production costs are the additional costs incurred by the producer in the production of the film. Their amount depends on the quantities and types of developers involved in our project. So far, their size, however, was independent of the budget of the film causing a player to produce a film about the multimillion budget of even ignoring them.

The new version of the game it will change. Monthly production costs will depend on the budget (the cost of the entire movie). What will be the consequences? Ano such that much more will have to be careful of the length of the production of the film. With every month since these costs can (but need not – due to the random factor) to grow.

Assume that our film will cost 5 million, and the average monthly costs are 1% of the budget of the film. Which is the month of production charge our wallet for another 50 thousand. Assuming that the production take is 3 months, additional production costs amount to us just over 150 thousand (“over” because of the compound that is in the first month of 1% with 5 000 000, the second with 5 000 000 + 50 000, etc).

What is now able to if, during the production of the event will happen random delay our video ... we have next month when we will incur additional costs when we want to censor it also, similarly, when you select a better studio, additional time to the production or post-production… etc.

Now when we're filming a blockbuster and the budget of our film is 50 million such costs already are doing 10 times more. 10 monthly production of a film about this budget can erode our portfolio of more than 5 million ... as you can see the difference is so visible to the naked eye.

UPDATE 2016-01-23

In the final version, it turned out that these costs may be much higher. They depend on the number of developers involved in the production and their popularity. 1% is for one the creators so that when the five might be 5% x 10 months or even 50%. In the production's worth before it could be completed have the option SYM. costs – that initially estimated the magnitude of the costs of temporary by selected parameters of the video (of course does not take into account the additional delays caused by possible random events).

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