Version 0.9.0 available for download

I was pleased to announce that, after several months of intensive work, you can already download the version 0.9.0 Film Business 2. But before you do that, read some important information.

Information about changes and news in this release can be found in version history, and a more detailed description of the new functionality in the entry on my personal blog.

With the new version, the game requires an updated .NET Framework library (up to version 4.5). Rest assured, most likely nothing special you do not have to do, because you probably already have them installed on your systems (this library is very popular and is used by many applications such as video card drivers). If it is not detected during installation, the installer will inform you and indicate where it can be download. However, if for some reason something went wrong, just let me know by email. I will try to help you solve the problem.

The new version seems to me a bit simpler (mainly thanks to the possibility of creating a sequel) but due to new algorithms, your current strategies may stop working. Do not be discouraged if something does not go well for you, just freshly approach the game.

In this version, with a lot of help Kacper Parola, for which I would like to express my official thanks, the parameters of over 800 creators have also been refreshed. So do not choose the cast completely by heart because you may be a bit surprised.

Due to changes in algorithms and improved balance of some trophies and challenges when you start the game with the old profile, it will be cleared. Similarly, old game saves won't work either. In addition, in MovieStats all statistics have been reset and videos in BoxOffice have been deleted. What's more, all player profiles that have not been activated have also been deleted. If you have activated the user on the site, it still exists and you do not have to register it again (you can check it by logging in).

Of course, I will be happy to listen to all your comments and comments on all aspects of the new version. Here I encourage you to take advantage of the forum, where you can in more comfortable conditions, compared to the comments on this page or Facebook, have long discussions about the vision of the game and its specific aspects ;).

Especially for the discussion on version 0.9.0 was created This thread.

That's all from my side so without further delay you can now go to Download MB2.

Have fun!

4 thoughts on “Version 0.9.0 available for download”

  1. I have a little trouble. After installing the game fires up the mouse icon shows me that “thoughts” as if in a moment the game was to start but nothing like that happens. I run as an administrator- nothing. I turn off the Windows firewall or fire up in Win XP compatibility mode also nothing. Previously, I had a similar with the installer, but in the properties there were safeguards (…the file comes from another computer and can be blocked) and unlocked it, fired up as admin and it was ok. Now I don't really know where the problem lies. I have Win 7 and .net 4.5.

  2. I removed the game and reinstalled, so probably some error during the installation must have occurred:)

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