Today the new functionality available for Donors. Several times appeared suggestion of players to allow infinite playing time or be able to continue the game after the completion of regular, for a given type of game, time. I not really liked the idea because of the fact, the game includes many algorithms depend on the passage of time. These include aging artists and other dynamic parameters. Another problem is the data structure, which can be overloaded with too long a period of game. Longer explanation for the lack of this functionality can be found in FAQ section.


Starting However, the expectations of the players, but I decided to do a little experiment and share new option called Game+.

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Changes in the levels of donors

The Movie Business is constantly being developed, appear the newer and more advanced mechanisms and therefore I have found, that the current amount of donations do not reflect a substantial amount of time and effort in creating the game. Since their were establihsed it has been quite a bit of time during which the game heavily developed and offers a lot more features and powerful options. As, that in the next version there will be additional features only available to donors I decided to slightly modify the thresholds for the various levels of donations.

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