Script adjustements

The scenarios that are the basis for the production of films in the Film Business, you can get in two main ways: buy a ready scenario on the free market, or create it from scratch, in its sole discretion.

When we entered into possession of a scenario it could not already be subject to modification. At most, during the production of the film, we can change its completion or ultimate movie censorship, which can lead to a reduction in the amount of violence and/or sex in the final production.

In the earliest version of the game will, however, the option to amendments to your scenario.

How it will look?

Well, this will not be an ordinary edit scenario, where you can modify any of its elements. Scenario you will send to the fixes, which may result in the modification of its main parameters (sex, violence, humor), that will lead to an increase in its level.

For example, by sending a C-level scenario we can expect that as amended its level rises to the level of (B). If it still is not what we expect, we can again send it to fix. Then we should get A level scenario.

Note: it may happen that situation (though quite occasionally) that a particular scenario can not improve. That is, after you send it to fix its level is not increased.

What will be the consequences of such changes? Scenario sent to fix prevent us from writing new scenarios at the same time (we cannot make corrections in the course of work on another scenario). Amendments takes a month, and their cost is 25% of the price of the scenario.

What gains the player? This option is selected, the player will have the option to shopping scenario lower class at the time, when these are not available from the upper, fix scenarios created by the player (when the final result was weaker than expected) and the ability to improve the scenarios that we received as a result of the mishap.

Additional it is educational to look at how it affects modify the relevant parameters for a specific scenario.

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