Freedom in the actions of the director

Another feature that was hosted in the production window of the new film almost from the beginning but so far has not been implemented, is the possibility of free hand meals to the director. In the new version of the game, finally, this option will start to work.

What will it consist of? Well, in a big cinema on the final shape of the movie very strongly influences the manufacturer often limiting the activities Director (hence the crop of movies in versions of reżyserskich which represent a real vision of the Director). In the Film Business, the player (or the manufacturer) will have the opportunity to Denmark a certain freedom in the doings of the Director affecting the ultimate shape of the film.

There will be three grading values as the director can interfere with the final film. The degree of freedom of the Director will be able to take one of the following values: none, partial, full.

And here's how they will affect the final video:

  • none – the Director may not interfere in any movie properties
  • partial – The director can change the proportions of violence, sex and humor beyond the values defined in the scenario
  • full – in addition to the characteristics of the script, the director can also influence the end of the film and additional time for production. Moreover, such a video will not be able to be censored.

How will the director modify these parameters? It already depends on his statistics. The key, of course, is the talent to which other properties occur depending on the parameter being modified.

  • In case of violence and humor the values in the scenario will be modified depending on the expected values of these parameters for a particular genre, taking into account the limitations of this parameter for the director.
  • In case of sex the scenario species and the target group of production are important.
  • Modification ending będzie zależała od targetu i talentu reżysera.
  • Additional time for production jest uzależniony od talentu reżysera. Uwaga mało utalentowani reżyserowie mogą nawet skrócić czas produkcji.

Oczywiście nie ma żadnych gwarancji, że modyfikacje wprowadzone przez reżysera wpłyną pozytywnie na końcową produkcję… z tego też powodu opcja ta nie jest dostępna dla graczy na poziomie amator. Po prostu jest to funkcja dla wszystkich tych, którzy lubią eksperymenty i nieprzewidywalność Biznesu Filmowego 🙂

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