Short films

Until now, short films have been one of the genres. It wasn't the happiest solution because short yardage is a form rather than a genre. I decided to change it and the impulse was the comments I received from the author Level Design books about game design, which I mentioned to you on the occasion of the collection on the site Polak Potrafi.

As a supporter of this project, I chose the opportunity to receive an analysis of any game as a reward. Of course, the choice fell on Film Business 2. As a result, I received a few page document along with some suggestions about the design of the game. One of them was to give players the opportunity to experiment more easily without incuring a lot of risk, in the form of losses leading to rapid bankruptcy. Jacek, the author of the study, as a solution has just proposed the creation of short films that would be cheaper to produce, and therefore, in case of success, the consequences of this would not be so severe for the player.

I really liked this suggestion, and that I was going to get rid of short films anyway, it was a good opportunity to modify the game.

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