In the next version… Universes

When in the Movie Business have emerged sequels some of the players were a little disappointed, that there was no place for the universes there and the ability to make crossover. I did not put them as types of sequels because I think this is a slightly different case. An additional problem was logic, which would hide behind them, as how the universe would affect the profits of movies? The problem was distribution of accents, when in the production we mix e.g.. characters from 4 a completely different series, of varying popularity, the fans base etc. The assumption, that would have automatically increased the fan base is too simple, because each player would do movies in the universe, regardless of whether it would make sense or not…

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In the current (0.8.7) version of the game, production screen of the new film you can see an option “sequel”, However, it has no influence on such production. When I started to think over how this future would look like in the final implementation I have come to the conclusions, that should behave quite differently than I thought in the past.

Here is how the sequels will look since version 0.9.0 Movie Business 2.

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