In the next version… Universes

When in the Movie Business have emerged sequels some of the players were a little disappointed, that there was no place for the universes there and the ability to make crossover. I did not put them as types of sequels because I think this is a slightly different case. An additional problem was logic, which would hide behind them, as how the universe would affect the profits of movies? The problem was distribution of accents, when in the production we mix e.g.. characters from 4 a completely different series, of varying popularity, the fans base etc. The assumption, that would have automatically increased the fan base is too simple, because each player would do movies in the universe, regardless of whether it would make sense or not…

Personally I do not like film universes because for me it is simply jump on the fans' money. Directors of major studios thrive on brand / universe loyalty and without any embarrassment creating sequels, whose only distinguishing characteristic is popular heroes. Such examples are in particular the Marvel universe (example last Thor) and the universe of Star Wars.

However,, when once again I started to think about this topic, I came to the conclusion, that sometimes such mechanism could be usefull in the game, that will give some “meta level” to our films. When the binding between the productions are not as clear as in the case of the usual sequels (and their derivatives), and the concept of universe has actually makes sense. Such example, that came to my mind was . The Decalogue by Kieslowski or series 10 movies, which were related to a certain theme (and where some of the characters also appear in the next series of films).

Thus, in the new version appears universes. And below you will find how they will work?

Now, during creation of new script for the film, the player can create a new universe which the movie is part of. From this moment when player would create next script (not necessarily the sequels) will be able to select, that the movie is belonging to the same universe. What's more you will be able to use characters, who performed in this (or another-so you can create crossovers) universe. By default, the hero will be associated with the original actor (although this does not mean, automatically that the actor wants to play in this new production - unless, that we signed with him contract).

What impact will have universes on other elements such as. the production profits? None ... I do not want that this mechanism has been abused only to increase the chances of the film profits. Nevertheless, references to the universe may appear in reviews (although at this moment there is not so much such review elements).

This is a nod to all those, who in production work has ambitious plans for a complex sagas and series and want more involvement in the game.

P.S. As the MB does not provide a mechanism for series this element can also be used by some as a substitute of series. Just another films from the universe, can be treated as successive episodes.

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