A summary of what's new in version 0.9.0

The new version of the Movie Business 2 marked passes 0.9.0 is fast approaching. So collect all the news, changes and modifications that appear in this version of the game and summarize it in one post. Welcome to the text on the my private blog, where in addition to a summary of all recent posts about the new version, there is some slightly more extensive comments to each of the new features, as well as a few not yet described. Link to this entry has also been placed in the section Director's Cuts.

I invite you to read and comment.

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  1. As for the new game plus I have a small suggestion. The possibility of going to the next round after the game, but without the possibility of making movies or anything except “you click the button the next round”-would this subject or film that for example. 3 rounds before the end of the game came to the cinemas will sell well enough to go to Moviestats. Also happened to me twice that the movie made was 12 months and has only one round to its release, and the game has ended and i have not seen whether or not he got positive reviews:) This option allow to the latter work check as you advised and may yet get to the box office on site. Yours:)

    • It used to be (perhaps even in the first part) so it was that at the end of the game you can click the next round (without the possibility of the production of new films) to for example check if they have made the film. Now that would be a bit complicated because when the export to MovieStats (maybe someone finds that the longer end and turn off the game and then nothing it does not export) but why 3 rounds and not 20 (because in 3 round film and so do not ask as much as it should to have chances of k onkurować with the best).

      It is still probably a few similar dilemmas. Therefore, it is complicating the strength of simple rules the game ends and there's nothing you can do so as you want to produce the last film much before the end of the game and the last round of the treat just as check what movie you get the result…

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