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I decided to add the two parts of the Film Business to the directory

What is It is a Polish portal bringing together amateur and independent development projects (especially games). Each, It has the opportunity to show off their creativity. You will find there both the first samples of young artists program, programs and games created on credit, dema, Tools, as well as pretty powerful productions that can easily compete with commercial products.

If not terrible is You independent work (and probably not, Once you play in BF) This check This is the place. For sure you will discover there are several gems, You'll love the taste.

How do I add artists to the Movie Business

This time, on my private blog, I put quite a long and detailed text describing how to add your own suggestions to the creators of the Film Business 2. I have tried to describe each aspect and the parameter that you must specify. Although the text is based on the online editor available MovieStats the information contained there are quite detailed and also will be useful when you want to create your own set using the BF2 Editor.

The full entry you will find here.

No activation e-mail to MovieStats

In the context of recent statistical analysis and large number of people, who did not activate its' account in MovieStats despite registration, I received information from KlimkaJr, that an email with an activation link did not reach him.

Looks, that such situation may happen (Unfortunately, I do not know the reason of such behaviour and probably it will be hard to find the source of the problem), that, despite registering on the site email does not arrive to your mailbox.

Here's what to do, if within 24 hours from registration, do not receive such a message:

and) check whether It went to the SPAM folder (on your mailbox)

Most of today's service providers who offers mailbox has spam filters, which may qualify suspicious emails as spam. These algorithms work differently and sometimes not always effectively. Therefore,, login via WWW (for example,., to your account and see if by chance email from MovieStats landed in SPAM folder.

b) if the email is not in your spam folder, send me a request for sending of activaton link to the address providing your username (profile name)

I hope, that the problem does not occur too often.


The results of a survey on social networking sites

Along with the new website launched new poll. However,, as you probably noticed that some, previous, on social networks, not yet complete. It's time to make up for the backlog and provide the results.

To recap, that the question was: Which social media use?
You could select more than one answer. In total, voted 136 people, and the voices were divided as follows.

  • Facebook (86)
  • NK (36)
  • No (33)
  • Google (18)
  • Another (7)

In total, so no surprises (looking at the number of likes, +1 or other markup, It receives BF). Greatest among you is Facebook. Hence,, in the new version of the game appeared option informing about the trophies you have on your Board. (Yes, you do not think, these probes to anything not useful ;)).

Quite a large number of people do not use any social network (or not to grant) Therefore, well I guess, that there is a possibility the subscription information about BF (because otherwise you could have a problem with receiving information about news in the game – but we will see after the current probe).

Google , While it is still quite a young creation, slowly gaining their users. Personally I enjoy it, because I find it most interesting with this type of portals.

About so I think closed, unless you have any ideas or comments about this issue. If such comments are at your disposal :).

Welcome to the new site Film Business

Project Business Film lived to see the new official page views. By switching to WordPress, which is used by most commercial websites and blogs, in addition to a more professional look, I gain the ability to efficiently inserting information and news content, and easier administration.

Readers, while, will be able to comment on individual entries, and also receive more intuitive access to social media, where BF is present and the new page traceability (RSS). I hope it will increase the reliability of some services (download files or availability of probes).

Introduced a new system of probes. You can immediately test, as of today there is another survey (you can find it on the right side). This time the question is: "How do you find out about new products in BF?”.

Look so, the satisfied, side and in the case of comments or suggestions, that it would still be found, send me comments.

Old version of the page, preserved in a nostalgic and historical purposes, find here.