In the next version. Post-production visualization

Movie Business is not a game in which you will find too many fancy features. By "fancy features" I understand such features, which do not affect in any way enhancement of game mechanics, and these are only the audiovisual gimmicks. Hence, the game looks like it looks like… In the new version I decided to enhance it with a “fancy feature”. It will be the visualization of special effects. How it will work?

At the beginning maybe I explain why the idea pop ups ? But a little variety to the gameplay and give it a bit colours (literally) I decided to illustrate the impact of studio and post production on the special effects. So far, rather, it was based on the convention(that someone who does not venture too much deep into the nuances of the game could not see). Now it will be more noticeable :).

One of the properties of each film is its technology advancement, the most common can be seen by special effects. Depending on the genre and the target group of production, they have less or more important for the file movie reception by the audience.

In the Movie Business you can control this parameter in two ways. The first is the choice of studio, that enables you to create more technological advanced production. The second is post production available in the most expensive studios. In the upcoming version of MB2, you will be able to see the impact of these choices in a visual form. More specifically, you will be able to choose by themselves the effects used for post production, that you enhance your movie.

Depending on the type of studio and the advancement of post production, you will be able to apply various filters, that will be applied on the photos of the creators (in all places where they appear).

Of course the more expensive studio and more spent to post-production the, more advanced filters you will have to choose from.

By choosing the specific filters you do not affects in any way the behavior, It is simply visualisation of consequences of early choices.

And now the first screenshot showing the post production window.

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