In the next version… The relationship and chemistry between the creators and producer

Today about the functionality, which was proposed by several people but I admit that that I have a lot of doubts about whether she should appear in the game. After all I did an experiment and I implemented the basic mechanics. Talking about relationships and chemistry between artists.

What are these new concepts in the game world?

In the real world, social systems influence the creation of reality. Hence, we can find examples of creators who are willing to cooperate with each other in many productions. These can be directors and operators or layouts such as: Director-actor, director-producer, or some other producer/director. The film business will keep track of such dependencies that follow during the game.

The following types of dependencies will be distinguished in the game.

Relationships or the relationship between the manufacturer and the creators

Building the relationship between the producer and the creators is to employ them in films. The more the creator has performed with the producer and their joint ventures succeed, the better the relationships are built between them. You can also build relationships as Executive producer (Although their strength is half the lower). The relationship increases if the film has a positive rating. In the case of rot, the relationship is spoil.

What are the benefits of relationship

Chemistry – direct relationship between artists

Chemistry is a direct relationship between creators. Here we can distinguish between two types:

  • The chemistry between the Director and the creators
  • The chemistry between the actors

The chemistry between the actors increases when they occur in one film on an equal (or both occurs in a leading role, or both in a supporting role), and will play on >3 *. It decreases when both <3 *. (This also applies to the composer and the operator, who shall be treated as if they were obsadzeni in equivalent roles).

Likewise, in the case of director, the chemistry between him and the creator grows when they both have more than 3 * and decreases in the case < 3 *.

Chemistry can affect the performance of one of the actors. Enhance its performance if chemistry with its partner is positive or reduced when it is negative. Of course, the probability of such occurrence depends on the value of chemistry – in absolute terms, – the greater the probability of effect – Positive or negative – Chemistry). Likewise the chemistry works for the composer/operator duo. For the director, it affects all members of the team.


The biggest problem with this functionality is to visualize these dependencies. My guess is that most novice players will completely miss this item, and if they already see it, they won't be able to handle how it works. In the case of a manufacturer, a breakdown may occasionally occur Vanity Fair Current relationships. It is worse for creators where we have a matrix-type relationship “x” on “x”).

Yes in the film production window we will have a subtle indication of the manufacturer's relationship with the creator (the font of the creator will be in green (relations >0) or purple (relationship <0)). In addition, for creators who are staffed on the same role types, the scenario next to the role will display the value of chemistry between them.)

However, I have no idea how to present chemistry to the Director/creator. How do you have an idea how to visualize it in a simple way to listen to the proposals.

This is a very experimental functionality that currently does not somehow affect the game itself (but can sometimes be influenced – what you will see in the the report from the production). We'll see what your reactions will be and how it can be in practice.. If you have any ideas how you could develop this idea let me know. We can always discuss the topic (I have a few but for now there is no point yet to mention them).


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  1. I think that when choosing a director, followed by the moment of selecting the actors, then there may be a different color letters of the name of the actor who likes the director or experimentally some heart? (although it would testify to the relationship). At least Tim Burton and Johnny Depp, I think, for example: After choosing Tim, Johnny should be more Exprestiviy – Another color, bold font (or enter a new column, serializing by relationship/chemistry).

    • Well, this is an idea... I do not know only whether such color flicking would not introduce the user in consteration. But I can try experimenting. With

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