In the next version. Production with investor

Another problem, who is trying to resolve in the nearest version is a quick bankruptcy player at the beginning of the game. It is often the case, that after two failed productions at the very beginning of the game, the player does not have the ability to rebound from the bottom, What can be frustrating, especially for those who are just starting their adventure with the Film Business. One solution to this problem is to introduce deals executive producer about which I wrote before. Today about another option "production with the investor".

Currently in the Movie Business player in financial trouble, in desperation, can use the help of the mafia. However, this is a last resort, that does not necessarily allow you to escape from the problems (and may cause the dig in the next ... in the end mafia sooner or later will ask about their money). The new version will allow for more civilized approach to the problem, namely the ability to seek investor , that will partially finance the production. Here's how it will work.

The prerequisites

When a player will go to the problem situation (the status of cash falls below a certain level, with the lack of prospects for improvement). The player will be able to take advantage of the production with the investor. (About this possibility he will be informed by the assistant).

What kind of production will want to co-finance the investor?

Investors are not charities and care above all about their money, Therefore, to the investor agreed to co-finance the movie player, its design must satisfy certain conditions.

First of all, you should report to investor with your own script. Secondly, this scenario must be of adequate quality (level A or B) in another case, the investor will estimate, that the chances of return on investment are too small. Well the last one, script should only be one of the primary genres: comedy, romance, horror, family movie, action. These are the genres that do not require too large budgets, and at the same time allowing for easy profit.

Films produced with investor always have a commercial target to maximize profits.

What investor gives?

The investor is able to add to the production budget a certain amount of cash (exactly such, which player is missing for the budget, what had at the beginning of the game at a given difficulty level).

The consequences

Profits from the production are shared according to shares.

Example: Suppose, that player on the amateur level has 2 millions of cash. Normally at this level the player at the beginning of the game has the amount 5 millions. For the production of your movie with investor received he gained from him the additional 3 millions (2 + 3 = 5). So we have split 40/60 on behalf of the investor. Each month from the entire profit generated by the movie 40% will be passed to the producer and 60% to the investor. Note, Unlike the Executive producer the player immediately receives your destiny (and not when profit from film reach the 100% with the return rate).

Note: If the player decides to advertise his movie, he must cover the entire cost from his own budget (does not receive the support of the investor in this element). Investor gives only the amount necessary to start the production, any subsequent player must spend the costs.

As you can see this functionality has, on the one hand allow to continue the Games despite the initial failure and loss of the player. The other tries to show him how to properly approach the production of films. Teaches you to create your own scenario at the appropriate level, and by reducing the number of choices, direct thinking about profits from the production of (reduce the target to commercial and film genre to a few basic ones, that do not require too much resources for their production).

The same concept of investor is quite general and in theory could be used also in the later stages of the game (When a player has for example. 10 millions, and he wants to make a movie for 20) but I don't want to make it as an additional option to easy fundraising, I just want to force the player to earn money. Therefore, it will be limited to the initial phase of the game and will make up the budget of the player to start the level of cash.

It seems to me, that this is the final and the appropriate solution to the problem of introduction of the player in the game and deal with the initial setbacks.

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