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The current theme of the site though it was very functional slightly deviate from the today's Web standards. So I decided to refresh it slightly. For a quite long time I was looking for a template, that would be as functional as the original. In the end I managed to find one, that meets my expectations. So here I am pleased to present a refreshed official Movie Business game page.

In addition, the English version of the home page, available at has also been modified to contain redirects to the main section of the page.

As usual, any comments and feedback on the new layout is nice to hear.

2 thoughts on “New layout

  1. Would have been nice if the description of the story and the quote was later shown in the production of the film. You could add a poster, that would be two first heroes and the quote given by the scenario

    • Citation and the story: So is the plan to ewnetuanie tuck it somewhere, but this requires that you add a new bookmark, so a little pokombinowaä need to…
      As for the poster is not much is where it later view (i.e. There is no idea of a place where it could be put to use) and it would require some more advanced graphics operations…

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