Version 0.9.1 – fixes and improvements

Slowly it becomes tradition, that after the next big version of the game being released , in a short time after her, occures another which is something like hotfix. Economies of scale makes its own and run a program on multiple computers, by many users finds consecutive errors and faults. With some of them you can live, others are quite critical and require a fairly rapid response.

So it happened with version 0.9.0, which, as it turned out contains a fairly major bug in algorithms. The effect is that, after several years of the game the popularity many (average popular) creators going into the space. Problem found again Kacper, who sent me a movie illustrating the problem. After examination I was able to find its source and fix it.

By the way the new machanism which automatically sending errors to the server online works. Thanks to it I got auto notification of several other (smaller) problems arising in specific situations.

The main objective of the version 0.9.1 was to provide bug fixes but also I managed to make some changes and new features. I got signals from a couple of players, that the creation of sequels is not intuitive. I agree with this (and partly it was intended) eventually, I decided to make it easier to find this option,. Therefore, the button to create the sequels appeared in the script menu.

There were also minor, though significant changes in several algorithms. Version 0.9.0 seem to me to be a bit too easy, when we have already a lot of cash. Hence small modification of the provisional cost of algorithm (to discourage you for mindlessly wrapping money in production by choosing the most expensive creators, studio and advertising).

The second slightly smaller amendment concerns the sequels. Well, with any another part of sequel declines the hype for the production. That is, in the case of first sequel it will be 100% the original audience so for the next one 3 it's just a 95% the previous part, and so on 5% less with each successive iteration. This is to reduce the desire to create 15 sequels Your the only blockbuster.

Another fine, but as I have heard important for immersion players change, is possibility to add a brief description of the story in your scripts. It has no impact on such production but apparently some of you feel more closer with the film, to which you have posted even though plot outline.

Due to changes in the algorithms significantly affecting the profits of production, it will be necessary to reset the profiles and statistics of MovieStats. It's not too big a problem because relatively few movies there went.

There were even a few trinkets and improvements. For a complete list of changes and modifications see version history.

Feel free to updates!

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