In the next version. Images of the car and the exhibition

In the Film Business in addition to movies, from the beginning there was the issue of excess cash on luxury. In the first part of it was the cars, possessions and even airplanes. In the second, there are auctions where you can buy works of art. The functionality of this, judging by the acquired by the players trophy does not enjoy a particularly keen interest. I must admit, however, that my "mission" is to create a game that is also educational. In the case of X. Muse is this familiarizing yourself with maybe less known but it is important and valuable, or simply iconic brawlers developers (probably you have noticed that the cross-section of the creators of the game is very wide: from teen idols, iconic heroes tv series, by the biggest Hollywood stars, legends of the film after the creators of the movies. and independent productions).

Similarly, I would like to make the game as many magnates in other fields of art ... and specifically the painting. So, here's the end (because this feature was, of course, planned from the very beginning) their images of your photos. That is, you will be able to see what you buy at auction. Maybe this will encourage You more for this type of investment.

However, if the painting connoisseurs among the fans of the movie Business is not too many I prepared also a slightly different alternative. Well, trade cars ... and specifically oldtimerami. In the game to gain will be 100 classic cars. Some of them will appear together at the end of the game, and the player will be able to "hunt" (that is, buy in investments). The other will be able to get in a little less obvious ways. One of them will be, for example, winning several awards at the Festival. About the other possibilities of acquiring cars do not want for now to write (it will be about this on the occasion of other news that more you'll read in the next post ...)

Of course, you can sell and in such a way as also to make money.

What's more to motivate you to purchase when you enter in possession of at least 5 cars or images you will be able to organize the exhibition. If, in the course of the exhibition with the improvements to the unique exhibits (those that have not previously been exposed to other exhibitions organized by other players or Vico), you will receive additional prestige points.

As you probably noticed prestige points are even more valuable than cash (which is relatively easy to get) because they allow for hiring the biggest stars of the cinema (when you do not have the appropriate prestige do not they want to work with you, or request a much higher fees). This is so the side gate to get estymy in the world of the film (if not going for festivals).

Depending on whether you find a function of investing in car/images may be interesting in the future will continue to be developed. But it depends on you ...

I hope that these options a bit rozruszają game and will be a stepping stone from the same film production. I still have a few small improvements associated with these features but not be able to complete them before the next release. Give yourself time to gather feedback from you about this is it worth in General develop such minor aspects of the game.

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