Creators set update 42

As, before the last releasem I could not focus on adding creators, update set appeared just before this year's Oscars ceremony. It contains more than 60 the creators and 170 photos. Apart from me, the biggest contributor to this update was Jan. This time the update is versatile because in it we have a bit of everything:

  • new artists (Polish and foreign)
  • a few candidates for this year's Oscars
  • new cult characters
  • the older artists that appear in the cult films
  • improvement of several poor quality photos

I'm glad , that you add your own suggestions of creators, recall however, of proper quality of images (they must be properly scaled to no have deformation made due to bad proportions).

Update will apply when you run the a new game with a default set of creators (details can be found here). In total, the default set of games already has 2395 creators .

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