Impressions from the version 0.9.4

It's been a week since publishing version 0.9.4 of the game (and hot patch for it) so it's time to collect your thoughts and comments about this version.

However, before I go into details, I would like to say, that makes me very happy, your fast feedback about the problems. Thanks to the cooperation with you (here thanks to Bartosz) I was able to rapidly detect and diagnose the problem and publish HotFix, which solved the problem.

Cooperation with the community and your fast reactions are particularly important in the case of such projects as Movie Business, that are created by one person, that has quite limited in both time and hardware (testing on a small number of configuration). Therefore, if you find a problem in the game, do not hesitate to send a message to Facebook profile or e-mail with details (the more the better).

I also enjoyed Your first impressions and reviews, that submitted to me immediately after the release of the game. Now as you had some more time to play I look forward to more.

As a reminder, here are the elements, which have been introduced or changed in the last version:

  • Executive producer
  • production reports
  • the visualization post production
  • production with investor
  • cult movies
  • paintings, car and the exhibition
  • the relationship, chemistry and bonds between artists
  • refreshed set update
  • recognitions (in the Awards section)
  • new assistants
  • interface improvements
  • tuning the algorithms
  • new features for donors

Let me know what you like, and what should be improved and possibly, which of the functionality you would like to have more developed.

Generally I prefer a discussion game forum (for this I created dedicated thread) However, if you do not have an account there and really you do not want it you can put your comments it under this post or Facebook.

Feel free to exchange opinions.

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