How do I add artists to the Movie Business

This time, on my private blog, I've put quite a long and detailed text that describes how to add your own suggestions to the developers of the movie Business 2. I have tried to describe every aspect and a parameter that you have to give. Although the text is based on the online editor in MovieStats the information contained therein are quite detailed and also will be useful when you want to create your own set using the BF2 Editor.

The full entry you will find here.

No activation e-mail to MovieStats

In the context of recent statistical analysis and the puzzles of a large number of people who do not aktywowały your account MovieStats Despite registering, I received information from KlimkaJrthat it has not reached an email with an activation link.

It looks like that could happen this (unfortunately I do not know and probably hard for me to find the source of the problem), when despite the registration mail to You does not arrive.

Here's what you should do, if within 24 hours of registration, do not receive the message:

and if by chance he cannot) check the SPAM folder

Most of today's service providers offering mailboxes have spam filters that suspicious mails classified as spam. These algorithms work differently and sometimes not always effectively. Therefore, log in via a Web page (e.g., to your account and check whether mail from MovieStats not landed in the SPAM.

(b)) if the email is not in your spam folder, send me a request to send You the activation link to the address giving on the occasion of your login (profile name)

I hope that this problem does not appear too often.


The results of a survey on social networking sites

Along with a new website started a new poll. However, as you probably what some have noted previous, on social networks has not yet been completed. It is high time to make up for the backlog and to present its results.

I recall that the question was: What social media do you use?
You can select more than one answer. A total of voted 136 people, and voices of the distribution is as follows.

  • Facebook (86)
  • NK (36)
  • No (33)
  • Google + (18)
  • Other (7)

In total, so no surprises (looking at the number of likes, + 1 or other markup, which an BF). Greatest among you is Facebook. Therefore, in the new version of the game appeared option informing about the trophies you have on your Board. (Yes, you thought, that these probes to anything not useful;)).

Quite a large number of people do not use any social network (or to not grant) therefore probably a good thing that there is a possibility the subscription information about BF (because otherwise you could have a problem with receiving information about What's new in the game – but we will see at the end of the current probes).

Google +, though it is still quite a young creation, slowly gaining their users. Personally I enjoy it because I find it most interesting with this type of portals.

About so I consider closed unless you have any ideas or comments about this issue. If such comments are at your disposal:).

Welcome to the new site Film Business

The Film Business Project has seen a new installment of the official website. By switching to WordPress, which most commercial websites and blogs use, in addition to a more professional look, I gain the opportunity to upload information and news more efficiently and easier content administration.

Readers, on the other hand, will be able to comment on individual entries, and also receive more intuitive access to social media, which is the current BF and new tracking page (RSS). I hope that will increase also the reliability of certain services (availability of downloads and probes).

I introduced a new system. You can test it right away, since today there is another poll (you can find it on the right side). This time the question is: "How to learn about the latest news in BF?".

So look around, calmly, on the side and in case of comments or suggestions, what else could be on it, write boldly comments.

The old version of the site, preserved for nostalgic-historical purposes, you will find here.