In the next version. Analysis of films

Movie Business is contrary to it's appearances is rather complicated game having lots of flavors and nuances, that is difficult to explain in a few sentences, making, that especially novice players can have problems understanding the dependence leading to appropriate results.

Thus, in the new version there will be an option to analyze films produced by you ... why such idea will appear and how this analysis will look like in practice, you will learn from the following entry.

Some time ago, in the game appeared mechanism for setting reaction for a movies . Briefly reactions allow to show your interesting production, and also raise your general doubts regarding the algorithms, profits, assess the films themselves or their reviews. Lately player vashpl marked one of his movie with reaction suggesting, that something is wrong with it. After determining the reaction of the movie they are exported to MovieStats so I can analyze it later. When I come into detailed view of this production, at first glance, everything looked fine though.

The film had 4* and meaningful review... buta after a while I noticed, the film despite the good review brought financial losses. Probably this fact was not understandable for the player. But when I looked at its basic financial parameters all, at least for me, it became clear. Well vashpl spend for production 90 millions. While forgot about its advertising, because for this purpose he allocated less than 3 millions.

Lack of proper advertising for the sequel of such budget is a big chance for problems with obtaining profit from such production. MovieStats It allows you to come into detailed information view about the film (for donors).

For every experienced player it is obvious, that simple assumptions “I spend tens of millions on film, and it brings even more tens of millions” in MB just does not work. Such a film could not bring profits ... because it was just too expensive. A lack of advertising only worsen the situation (especially that it was a sequel). But as it turns out even such a, At first glance obvious, the relationship is not so obvious for beginners.

If vashpl sent me a question why the movie did not bring profits he would quickly received adequate explanation. This is a simple and obvious ... Are you sure? After a moment of reflection came, ... that this is not a solution that everybody with doubt would write an email to the author of the game ... As much as I like to lead a long dispute with the players probably in the end I would not able to answer for all the mails send by novice players...

The whole story made, I began to wonder how to solve similar cases. The solution seems simple. You need a local "Tomiga", who is always next to you... Not feasible? But I do not need to clone, because these local experts you have already next to you... and they are assistants, who so obvious cases could you explain. Hence the idea of ​​incorporating in the game expert system, which would allow for "elementary (tak Watsonie 😉 analizę” wyprodukowanych przez Was filmów.

How it would work. Well, having an assistant you will get a new option available: Analysis of the film.

This option will be used in three different ways:

  • from time to time, your assistant will do an analysis of your random films (it will be shown in a similar way as hints),
  • in assistant menu, next to contracts, appears Film Analyses option (also random)
  • in the windows About Films, you will be able to independently analyze any of your movies by selecting option from the context menu (right mouse button)

Moreover, analysis of the film can bring different results depending on the phase of the life cycle of the production. And so there will be three such phases:

  • time of film production
  • the moment from premiere when the film is profitable
  • moment after the premiere of the movie when it no longer brings further profits (czyli znamy już jego ostateczny zysk – so we know if it was profitable or not)

Of course, the most advanced analysis will be in the last phase. Analysis of the film is primarily designed to explain to you the extreme cases. Ie situations when the movie received less than 3 stars, not bring profit despite the good review or on the contrary, when he brought profits despite, that critics reviewed it did not indicated. So if you try to analyze movies, which had good score and have brought huge profits... probably will not get know anything interesting from such analysis ;).

I hope, that this option will help become more familiar with the ins and outs of the game and understand the mechanics and the relationship between the various elements for beginners. If the system will work maybe in the future it can be expanded.

And did you have some specific cases, which aroused your doubts, or surprised, and which could be included in such an analysis?

Let me know in the comments.

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