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Minął już tydzień od premiery Edition 2018 so it's time to get to know your opinion on the latest version of the game. I have got a few kind words from people who suggesting, that you like it but I'd learned a bit more detailes about the game experience.

Especially, that soon should appear the first update. Although it looks like, that first of edition 2018 is quite stable (at least I have not received the signals to something totally crashed) To kilka błędów logicznych udało się już wykryć. Nie są one krytyczne ale dobrze by było je naprawić zanim zaczniecie je wykorzystywać 🙂

Jak zwykle chciałbym od Was usłyszeć wszystko to, what you like, as well as those items, które można by poprawić. Oczywiście nowe pomysły również są mile widziane (tylko nie szalejcie za mocno 😉 ale te większe będą musiały poczekać na przyszłoroczny release. There is always the chance, that some of the little things that can be added in the next update.

I am interested also in a more general comments. After placing the information about the game on Reddit it turned out, that although many people try the game, not much of them completed it – at least once. Interestingly, a lot of people chose the career mode (that is clearly described as the most difficult). So I am starting to have suspicion, that something is wrong with the game modes (there are too many of them) and I will have to seriously rethink this item.  And what is your opinion about the modes ... do you think that there are too many of them, thou are unnecessary or duplicated ... do you have any other ideas on them? (Personally after discussions with the user Trylogia) I have some, but you can always inspire me with something else.

Another interesting aspect is the tutorials. Well, the assumptions was to help it cope with a beginners with basic elements ... and here I got interesting feedback ... so for some of players are overwhelming with amount of information, which is served at the beginning of the game to the player. I guess, that people who read this already know the game pretty well and so this can not but felt by them but I would gladly listen to the opinion of fresh players.

Still remain issues such as user interface and performance. Certainly in the next version I will optimize the loading time of cult movies and scenarios at the start of the game. Will be much faster. Dostałem jednak sygnały, że coś niedobrego dzieje się podczas produkcji filmów (refresh the list after choosing creators can take tens of seconds so a very long time) have you found such a problem?

These are just a few examples of topics to discuss. Jak zwykle możecie komunikować się w dowolny sposób (facebook, komentarze, forum, mail). Although in the case of long texts it is probably the most effective is to contact me by e-mail.

No dobra bo trochę się rozpisałem… teraz Wasza kolej 😉

2 thoughts on “Reviews of Edition 2018

  1. Co do wyczytywania listy, the worst is when the artists, that are not decided at all, I mean, Elmo would be causing the, You can freeze the game for tens of seconds, and then I define the appropriate filters sex.
    Another such mini error is the fact, that when you uncheck the do not show the results of the festivals when there is no our film does not work at Cannes and i think Sundance, They show up after all. Well, at Cannes a bit hang window, overlapping on each other and need to specially browse through the pane to see what there is in Cannes to hear.

    • Well, it is certainly the worst because then there is no filter so it is the most records to display… except that somehow did not notice this problem because I most often and so filters the list of either casting or affordable… But the fact the issue is (and I think I found a place where you can to optimize your). Once, and so you specify later gender can wogole do opt out of unspecified gender in the game… i.e. scenario must have it down always…
      From these festivals it is strange because I just decorated and nothing I did not showed… Remember that “our videos” also videos of computer players – they are also counting as players – that is, if is any film colored a list festivals even if this is not Your is the Festival appears.
      Overlapping also noticed the problem… you would have to find this particular case and how to reproduce it.

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