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Why, despite the registration in MovieStats my movies are not exported at the end of the game?

First to export the profile, you must have an account on MovieStats. If you have an account there and it is active your profile and films should be exported automatically at the end of the game.

Is it possible to produce several movies at the same time?

Yes, if you invest in additional studio. Each additional studio gives you ability to create of one more film. For more information, see the Investments.

Are the titles of movies affect profit / evaluation of the film?

No, film titles only affect the well-being of players.

When you create a script, you cannot select the each of the available genres. There is no for example. sci-fi. If this is a bug in the game?

No, this is not an error. At the beginning of the game you can write scenarios only a few basic genres, for the rest you have to earn experience (through the production of good films, winning festivals etc). The exception is the quick mode game where you have immediately access to the all the genres available in the game. In addition on Amateur level you have access only to basic genres (no further are unlocked). Darczyńcy otrzymali dostęp do wszystkich gatunków również w grze imprezowej.

Dodaję swój film do jakiegoś festiwalu i gdy przychodzi czas rozdania nagród, mojego filmu w ogóle nie ma nawet w nominacjach?

Apparently the film was too weak to get a nomination. The fact that you're reporting the film to the Festival does not mean that right away you get nomination. To each of the festival, you can report any movie (even with a rating of one star *). In addition, various festivals has different criteria for the awards (that is the reason the few of them exists in the game) to promote various types of films.

Could you add festival X?

All the festivals are generally there. I see no reason make additional one, because it does not make big impact on the game. However, could lead to a situation when one film takes most of the prizes, or on the contrary, virtually every film gets a prize. Awards would lose its uniqueness.

How to add new artists?

You can submit your own proposals of artists using service MovieStats.

Will there be an option releasing movies on DVD?

At this time, every movie coming to cinemas has its version of DVD/Blu-Ray. And this is the norm. So the profit that you have from the movie includes profits from the sale of media. I see no need for a separate option.

Kiedy wyjdzie pełna wersja BF2 / gra będzie skończona?

The short answer: I don't know!


  • MB2 is a project that I make as I have the time and inclination. If any of these conditions is not satisfied game waiting for better times “better days”,
  • A list of options of the game is not yet fixed to the end I have new ideas ideas or get inspiration from your – the game is constantly evolving,
  • I do not want to set myself any fixed dates (apart from writing MB2 I have other, more important things to do) – sticking to artifical deadlines would affect the quality,
  • This is a Freeware game, nothing and no one forces me to write it, therefore, its final shape may change over time, as long as I have time, feel like a new game ideas game will be developed and releasing “full version” It means the end of fun with MB2.

Why computer player can produce new films despite the lack of cash?

In real life there is no such thing as a equal chances… w tym elemencie gra jest bardzo realistyczna 😉

Will there be a new genres?

There are 23 genres in the game. I don't see the need to add new ones. If you don't see these genres, this means that: you play on easy level, or you spent too little time over the game (at higher levels you can unlock additional genres by gaining prestige points). Take into account that there are also sub-genres in the game. They cannot be choosen but are set based on your other choices (basic parameters of scenario, the number and type of the creators).

Will there be MB3?

Even if, someone else would have to write it.

How can I help in the creation of the Movie Business 2?

Even if you can not program you are able to help in the creation of the game. Here are suggestions:

  • add new artists using MovieStats
  • send your proposal for cult characters
  • suggest your own texts for review
  • If you believe that any of the photos of creator is not good enough send to me better version, and perhaps some images are missing then you can also send your own suggestions
  • when you find a bug please send me information about this (with details of how it happened and what were the symptoms)
  • any comments and ideas about the algorithms are welcome (although I must immediately say that, for sure, not all of them could be implemented)
  • and last but not least, – advertising, or to share information about the game among friends, on the sides / forums / discussion groups / blogs games on the economic / strategic or film portals or a similar places

What about the serials?

This is a game Movie Business… not TV Business. Contrary to appearances, they are two different worlds, that govern other rights. At first glance it may seem that it's very related topics, however, the rules and algorithms created in Movie Business differs from TV world. Episodes, licenses, completely different stars (only last known movie stars began to appear in the TV series), another popular and range, peculiarities of production etc… elements specific to the world of television.

Świat seriali wymagał by zupełnie innych algorytmów i dodatkowych parametrów. To po prostu zupełnie inna gra. Nie przewiduję ich implementacji w drugiej części BF.

What about mobile version

In the near future is not planned. More on this topic can be found in this post

Will there be a version for MAC?

In the near future there are no such plans.

The game is too difficult

No, it is not. I suggest you read the text: Movie Business for Beginners

Could we play the game without years limitations?

Several players have asked about the possibility of playing without year limits. The problem with such “game extensions” is consistency… Unfortunately, the game would not behave according to the initial assumptions.

Lack of time constraints, not only will affect the realism (and specifically its lack: the actors more than 100 years old, at best, work only with creators without photos, because the rest would have long since died), but also influence on creators statistics (part of the parameters change over time, for example: sexappeal and action, steadily diminishing) but also on economic behavior (the game has not been tested for such long periods and simply mechanisms in the game would not work, which may result in totally irrational behavior).

In the end, players would have very large budgets, and this would lead to productions, where each would select the most expensive/the best creators and put plenty of ads which would (in many cases) leads to growing profits, what the player would done with cash. Where's the fun?

Other problems include technical limitations. One of the simpler examples is turning over parameters and/or the state of the accounts to negative values… A brief explanation all the data are stored in memory on a specified number of bytes. When the value exceeds the maximum number allowed for the structure, the counter rewind to negative value. To secure the game on all such possibilities, at this stage of the work, is not an option. (such situations occured in the first part of the game and therefore it was needed to introducte, so criticised by many players, tax amount of 50% of your cash).

These are just examples of the lack of consistency and other issues in the case of an artificial lengthening of game time. So there are no chances for such modification…

Note for donors from version 0.9.0 appeared Game+ that is, the possibility of extending the time of the game with some restrictions.

How can I check whether the actor is in the Movie Business?

Use the search engine on MovieStats under this address. Simply type part of the name (to minimize the possibility of typos).

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