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How to get director success consistently?

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I feel like I understand how to pick all of my actors, composers, camera crew, and post production, but I have no idea how to pick directors. I do the same thing with directors as I do when I'm picking everything else, but it seems like it's totally random. Really bad movies get average ratings because of a 5-star director performance (usually not even that good of a director), and I've had really great movies where all my actors got 4 or 5 stars get average ratings because my expensive director had a 1-star performance. Can anyone help?

tomiga 18/06/2020 11:33 am
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All of your choices are equally "random" 😉

But the director is the most impotent cast member in the film. So he/she has much more power to influence the final result of the movie. Great cast performance will not help to the movie if direction is simply bad.

Personally I would choose director first... as this is the head of the crew members and his impact is the most valuable.

And remember that *-rating is relative. It means that it

3* is base... which means that performance of given person is on expected level for his talent.

>3* means that performance above expectation and

<3* performance below possibilities given person.

(there are some extra bonuses for film in manners of points when all cast has >3*)

Hope it helps a bit with understanding of logic behind the game.

ziggypower Topic starter 18/06/2020 5:08 pm

Thank you for responding, I sort of thought it was random but now I know! I’ll try and get all my movies with 3 star or higher casts

tomiga 13/07/2020 9:22 am

By 3* rating I was refering to the final evluation of performance of given creator after film is released. and not the stars which are displayed next to drama/humor/action/... paramters when you choose cast.

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