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How do you get investors to help you produce movies?

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Last question, I promise.

I've been obsessed with this game for about a week but my one problem is I can rarely ever actually get off the ground and make high-budget movies. I know that's sort of the point, and it's probably my fault, but I want to know how you can get investors to help you produce movies, because I see the A.I. do it very early on too.


tomiga 19/06/2020 7:16 am
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This is forum you can add as many question as you like 😉

Concerning your question. The Investment mechanics was introduce to help players when they have poor financial condition. So you, as a human player, can benefit when you only when you do not have minimal amount to produce the film.

In case of AI it is a bit different. When mechanics of cult movies were introduced it occured that production of such film is very often really expensive. And doing it without thinking (just use the cast which was in original) lead to big budget films which do not return. Those caused the bankruptcy of AI players quite fast. To avoid such situation AI is allowed to use investors in such situation (even if they failed with movie the loss will be not as big).

Such mechanic (using Investors for Cult Movies or expensive movies) is not provided to human players. As you should earn the money if you want to make very expensive movie.

The reason behind it:

- game would be to easy if you just can lend some money in every time.

- game do not promotes expensive movies. You need to be pretty sure that you really want to do it so first you need to earn the money and than double think if you really want to spend it for very expensive movie or just make some less expensive but more ambitious production

You can ready more about production with investor in this

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