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Hello I was just wondering every time a new version is released is it supposed to restart all my challenges and what level I am in my career or is their a way to prevent this.

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Such situation can happen in two cases

1. In case of major update (change of edition from for example 2019 -> 2020)

2. If during the minor update (2020.0.2 -> 2020.0.3) you will remove your profile (during uninstall there is a question about removing profiles directory) If you choose yes than all your data a removed from disk and after update you need to create new profile.

In other cases it should not happen. If profile exist it should be backward compatible (unless explicit mention in blog post of new release).

Please note that in case of creating new profile using data from MovieStats you create new empty profile without any history (this is only basic email/name/country information but no trophies, career progress, films etc).

If 2 above cases are not met and there is still problem... than it looks like bug.. I will try to check it.


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