In the next version… Casting

In the next version of the game you will see the option Casting... though it may look a little different than expected.

One of problems, which have begginers, not so familiar with the world of film, who plays in the Movie Business, is overwhelming number of artists in the game, and the multitude of statistics the resulting difficulty in deciding whom to cast to your production. This barrier is particularly troublesome in early stage of learning, when the player does not yet know the rules governing the game world.

Trying to solve this problem I decided to add a little option to facilitate the decision making process when selecting the cast of the movie by reducing the amount of available artists for the role.

During the production of the film a new option will be added it is called Casting. It will aim to narrow the list of available artist to a dozen (depending on the player's level – the lower this list will be shorter) the most suitable for the role. In its algorithm game will take into account:

  • requirements for the role (job, sex),
  • role type (actor in a leading role, supporting role, episodic),
  • the genre and the artists' parameters most important for this genre,
  • the target group of the film,
  • script level

Casting algorithm also takes into account the budget available for the player, as well as additional filters applied by the player. (Before casting you can specify the maximum budget which will be used for a particular role and it will be taken into consideration when casting).

The option of casting can be used any number of times without any additional costs or consequences.

A few comments. Casting does not provide the optimal choice for your role. Rather, they are proposal of the creators, who have a predisposition to fit the role. It is created for beginners to help players in the first few films and protect against completly wrong choices.

More advanced players should be based on their own experience and intuition. Though perhaps for less significant roles will also use this option (when, for example, they will not want to spend too much time on the selection of episodic artists).

So much for the Casting, and besides, it's all the best in the New Year!

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