In the next version. Licenses or rights to the movie

In today's world an important role plays licenses for specific artifacts (pop)culture. They allow you to create movies based on the specific idea. The concept of license (in the sense of rights to movies) will appear in the next version of the game.

The whole mechanism will work as follows. Player, who produced the film automatically has a license to it. The license allows you to create sequels. The new version will have the option to sell/buy a license, and thus create different types of sequels to the film by the new owner. Of course, the producer, who sold the license is no longer allowe to create sequels based on it (I guess, that redeems again right to it).

Due to the complicated interface to create there will be no possibility of buying / selling licenses between players-humans. (So it will be possible to sell / purchase licenses between human player and computer player). Of course, not always the computer player will want to sell us their best production (and vice versa will not want to buy from us the right to each of our “piece of junk”). I hope, that this small option finds its application and will positively influence the immersion of players.

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