In the next version… Events during production and producer decisions

Another, at first glance, a small modification, which will appear in the new version of the game is to change the approach to the assessment of the creators in the film. So far all the calculations associated with the determination of how well individual artists performed their tasks (calculation of performance) were made at the time of release. Now the most important element of assessment of the performance artists will be made at the very start of production. This small change has a huge consequence and creates new possibilities. This is probably the biggest revolution since the introduction of the game save option.

What kind of opportunities it provides?

Several times I met with objections, the player after the start of production has too little influence on the final result of the film. It was hard to argue with that, so it did. So far during the production of the film appeared some random events. However, they were quite static in nature. The player could only accept the fate and to accept the consequences of those events (Sometimes they had a positive, and sometimes the negative effect for the player). Although there were several decisions, that the player took during production, but their number was small (censorship).

Well, from now on work as a producer will be more interactive because it will must / have the ability to react to events, that happened during production (events during production). These decisions will affect not only the final result of produced film, but also the whole environment.

General events during production will have the following schema:

  • a trigger (the condition that must go to the event occurred)
  • action (What can we do / what decision to take on the event)
  • profit (What can we gain by making the choice)
  • cost (with what cost/risk we must count)

Events can be divided into several categories:

I) The event with the specified type of decision

  • when we can improve some element or avoid it but with cost (for example,. time, money, relationships)
  • an event in which we can take some risk but their consequences are impossible to predict (and whether it is successful depends on various factors, partially random)

II) Events related to:

  • creators (performance, relationships)
  • Studio and post-production
  • advertising and hype
  • other

To better illustrate the whole concept here are two examples.

Example I

  • A trigger: At the end of the production turns out, the director was bad (review score <3*) (and the player has any free cash)
  • Action: Everything shows that, the work of Director was not the best. Do you want to shoot additional footage, that will allow you greater flexibility during montage?
  • Profit: if a player agrees to this performance of director increase by 1*
  • Cost: extending the production time for a month and the cost of production increases 5% of the film's budget

Example IIless obvious (Here the player can take the risk but it is not mandatory)

  • A trigger: The actor has a rating >1* a less 5*
  • Action: Actor X came to you with a proposal, that if he could improvise a little bit more on the set his performance could be better.
  • Profit / Cost (Risk): if you accept its performance may increase or decrease by 1* (random but depending on the talent so the creator of the more talented the more likely, gets improve)

Because I'm a fan of games with difficult moral choices (Heavy Rain, Alpha Protocol, Life is Strange) decisions, which will have to take the producer also will not always be simple and black and white. Often, a single decision can have positive effects in one aspect but negative in another (for example,. improving relationships with one of the creators but the deterioration of another). They will be also choices, the effects of which are difficult to predict (that's mean. they may be positive or negative) and the producer has to decide whether he wants to take the risk or not.

Sounds interesting? I feel excited about new opportunities, because the first tests show, that it works at least intriguingly :).

Can not be hidden, the mechanism to induce the desired WOW effect it is necessary to have the greatest number of such different events. I admit, that process of inventing is quite time consuming (I personally did reserach on the real situation on film sets (but you do not need to immediately take inspiration from the reality).

That's why I have a proposal a little play for you. Send me your ideas for such events, which could occur during the game. Of course it would be best that for each such proposal you determine not only the action but also trigger, cost and profit (but it is not mandatory).

Probably not all of your ideas will be put into practice (I know, you have a rich imagination, and do not always everthing is possible to reproduce in the game but perhaps these ideas, which today are not possible will inspire me to make some new mechanic or the options in the future – as already happened several times).

Proposals can be submitted in any way (under this entry in the comments, on Facebook / Google ) or by email (and even on the forum ;).

So I'm looking forward to your suggestions.

2 thoughts on “In the next version… Events during production and producer decisions

  1. If in the course of the game can happen, that trigger change Director? or dotrudnienie the second? Increasingly I see, that the majority of films includes two directors, to improve the final result may be just the dotrudnienie Director, It can randomly generate the elongation of the entire production process or his reduction, How to record a big hit for about 12 months, It is the second film could reduce the best even at 2 months or less, and quality would deteriorate.

    I think, that the Exchange actor, or request an increase of the fact, that film so far is great and we all believe in its success, wyzwalaczem może też być prośba o dodatkowe środki na reklamę.
    Najbardziej oczywiste są te zdarzenia, które będą zmieniać relacje twórców. Np.: reżyser mógłby prosić nas o to by jednego z aktorów drugoplanowych uczynić jako pierwszoplanowego albo jako epizodycznego. Można by było w ten sposób stworzyć historię z 3 aktorami pierwszoplanowymi 😛

    kwestia też zmiany zakończenia, to chyba aż prosi się by się pojawiło, tak samo zwiększenieakcjialbo sexu w filmie czy też humoru, te wartości muszą być zmieniane, może o to prosić w sumie każdy z twórców. Even the person in charge of sound to enhance the drama could ask for changing parameters.

    • What to change the Director is experimenting with this option but do not know whether ultimately it will appear in the game (Besides changing the Director will not trigger if the action, You can take). I'm afraid that it will wantonly abused. (An additional problem is the fact, This option requires a special effort and do not know if I can make it to fine-tune the set by each time). So we'll see what happens…

      For sure there will be employment opportunities two directors… (or operators, or composers) kompletnie nie widzę takiej potrzeby. Sam fakt, że coś występujew przyrodzie” is not a sufficient argument for this to ask about trouble. Additional developers are contrary to appearances, the enormity of the work. Apart from already, that does not fit to the objectives of the game, This generates a lot of problems at each level (the conceptual, implementation detail, testing the ending) the largest are those with test and balance… such a change is thousands of hours of grinding algorithms (and I have created the right framework to test this process somehow optimize).

      I do not see so meaningful profits from such functionality… and just a lot of problems… How to evaluate a video created by two directors, What percentage of which skills should be taken into account… What will be the “style” takiej produkcjino i w końcu jak gracz będzie wiedział, który reżyser odpowiada za co i na co wpłynął…. takich pytań są dziesiątki i z mojej perspektywy nie ma żadnych korzyści w pakowanie się w takieekstrawaganckiefunkcje.
      (Inna sprawa że jakoś nie kojarzę aby dwóch reżyserów kiedykolwiek polepszyło ostateczną produkcjęgdzie kucharek sześć😉

      O ile zmiana typu ról już jest interesująca (choć tak średnio realistyczna bo w praktyce musiałoby oznaczać przepisanie scenariusza) to na pewno nie będzie zmiany schematu ilości dostępnych ról 1-2-2-3 (patrz akapity wyżej).

      Zmianie parametrów rozważę ale też kłóci się to trochę z ideąwolnej ręki reżysera”… to on może zmieniać te parametry a nie byle chłystek z ekipy 😉 (no ale pomyślę nad tym).

      Dzięki w każdym razie za propozycje i uwagi.

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