In the next version... Press conferences and interviews

Some players pointed out to me that the game does not use the media aspect of Movie Business. Specifically, it was about contacting the press. In the new version, I will try to address this problem in the form of the possibility of organizing a press conference and interviews.

An example of a question in an interview after the festival.

I plan to introduce two moments when these events may occur. The first is the premiere of the film where the player will be able to hold a press conference. The second is a festival where a player may be asked to give an interview.

The interview and press conference will involve answering several questions. Questions will be on various topics from the most obvious about the current film, cast, decisions that were made during the production, to more general about preferences and players' views on various aspects of the film world, but not only.

The answers you give during such events may have consequences. It can influence relationships with creators, increase or decrease of interest in film or other aspects of the game world. Answers can also be a premise to form opinions about the player ... which may also have their consequences later in the game.

Task for you

In the 2020 edition I plan to put about 100 questions from various areas that can be asked during interviews / conferences. Of course, I encourage you to send me your suggestions for interesting / original / or funny questions along with sample answers and consequences that a given answer may cause in the game world.

Be creative!

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