In the next version... Banquets

In the next edition of the game, you will see a new option to organize various kinds of events after the film's release.



The film's premieres are often associated with various events related to them. Often after the official launch, there is a less official part – Party. The event will not only allow you to thank the whole team for their work on the set, but it is also a chance to strengthen the relationship between the creators ... as well as on social mezalianse, which will be a medium for tabloids... which is a form of advertising and can contribute to increased interest in production.


After the premiere of the film, the player will have the opportunity to organize a banquet. There will be several types of banquets from a modest dinner to a sumptuous gala. Of course, the larger the event, the greater will be the cost of its implementation. A bigger party, however, is more publicity, which can contribute to additional advertising of the film.

Of course, during such events there may be various events that can affect the relationship between the creators and have other not always positive consequences on the world of the game.

As usual, I encourage you to submit your suggestions for events that may happen at such parties...

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