In the next version… Photos of young talent

It is high time to share with you the first information about the 2020 edition of the game. Today, a small revolution associated with photos of young talents.

Young talents or fictional creators, generated during the game at the beginning did not have their own photos. They received a generic photo by which it was easy to distinguish their gender. In the previous edition, the situation changed slightly because they received avatars in cartoon format. In the next edition we go even further and young talents will receive more realistic photos. And all this will be possible thanks to… Artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is recently a very fashionable theme which boldly enters into the next areas of our lives. One of these areas is computer graphics. The last few companies decided to use the techniques used by AI to create images of non-existent people. One such project is, for example: This Person Does Not Exist the second Generated. Photos

And it is the faces generated by the latter of the projects that I will use in the game. Well, the creators of shared 100,000 photos of non-existent people for any use. When I started browsing this database, it turned out that not all of these photos are suitable for use. Impressive algorithms still generate a lot of artifacts. Despite everything, I managed to select about 5000 photos that should work in the game.

Thanks to this, our young talents will acquire human faces and be more realistic… From curiosities during the test gameplay, I noticed that I am often unable to distinguish the real (little-known actor) from the character generated by the game… We'll see if it does not bring any unexpected complications for the players. It will surely affect the immersion in the game itself.

Note: images generated by AI will only be used for actors (and professions that can be used as actors). Hence, such generated characters as directors, operators and composers will still use symbolic pictures (specifying gender). In the case of anime, they will receive photos in the form of cartoon avatars (currently used by young creators).

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