Work on the 2019 Edition started!

The faithful fans of the game know that end of the year is the time when I work more intensively over the next edition of the Movie Business game. So today I can officially confirm this. So, work over Edition 2019 Edition has been started. Apart from this annoucement I have today also some general information about the content of the next edition.

I have to honestly admit that because of various events, this year, I started work on the game a little later than usual. What's more, next year's Oscars' ceremony (that is, the period in which usually new version is released) also take place a little earlier than last year. This means that I have less time to prepare the new functionality. Therefore, I have to immediately warn that new things in the game will be slightly less than in previous editions. However, from the bright side I will say that there will be big things (not only related to the amount of work inserted but also which opens completely new possibilities in the game). In addition, I will try to prepare the game engine so to make it possible to introduce some new features in later updates without big revolutions.

At the end of today's post, first functionality. Well, in 2019 “photoless creators” (young talents), who may be in the role of actors will have their avatars. Yes, randomly generated creators will get avatars in the style of those that represent the assistants. Immediately I have to say that the number of such avatars will be limited (do not know yet exact numbers but rather near 100 for men and women) so can repeat during the game.

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