Official website with new languages

I decided to add an option to the official website of the game to translate it into several additional languages. It will be Portuguese, German and Spanish. These are the languages according to MovieStatswhich, uses the largest number of players (except, of course, Polish and English).

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

A few comments of a general nature. The game site is run by default in my native language or Polish. Thanks to the Transposh plugin, it is possible to translate quite simple into many other languages. This plugin also allows you to make your own corrections to individual sentences. And that's how the English version is created (because I know this language enough that I can correct the obvious problems of automatic translation – sometimes there are some problems but it's a topic for a separate post).

Nowe języki niestety będą polegać wyłącznie na automatycznym tłumaczeniu, gdyż nie znam tych języków w wystarczającym stopniu aby dokonać poprawek (znam zaledwie podstawy Hiszpańskiego i Niemieckiego).

Nie wiem więc na ile pomocne będą te tłumaczenia (i czy skorzystanie z Google Translate nie przyniesie lepszych efektów 😉 ale biorąc pod uwagę ilość treści, którą można znaleźć na stronieszczególnie jeżeli chodzi o dział help – maybe will be useful to somebody.

P.S. Anticipating the questions, there are hardly any plans to translate the game itself into other languages. Apart from not enough knowledge of other languages and the ability to verify automatic translation, the number of texts in the game is already huge (and in the 2021 Edition will increase even more and drastically – but more about it coming soon).

P.P.S. To show you the scale of the project I just did a quick check of how many texts are in the game (the texts themselves, those that you may come across in the game – without source code!!!). Currently, the game has almost 10,000 lines of texts. There will be nearly 15,000 new lines of text in the 2021 Edition. By adding almost 6,000 review texts, it receives more than 30 000 Rows. This is as much as dialogue lines in… The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. The standardised manuscript contains 30 lines per page… so this is the equivalent of more than 1,000 manuscript pages

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