About numbering the next version

Season autumn/winter has already started so it is time for information about the next version. Yes, I can confirm that work on it already underway… Once this formality we've time to go into the details. Today, a few words about the changes in the numbering of the version of the game what we are waiting for you.

The practice of the last few years shows that the Film Business receives one major update per year. My calendar is structured in such a way that work on it begins in autumn and lasts until the beginning of the new year. They take advantage of the opportunity to use the hype associated with the annual Oscars, I try to make the new version appear several days before this most famous holiday of moviegoers.

The current version numbering was based on a programmers approach

X. Y Z. Build


  • X – is the main version (so far it was 0, because the game is not yet finished according to me; P and still contains errors)
  • Y – significant version (major)
  • Z – Update (minor)
  • Build – This is simply a build number that does not appear in the official naming, but you can read it in the game

Such a format, if it is recognizable to all who had to deal with writing software, is not very understandable for the average user because in the end what can differ version 0.8.7 from 0.9.0 ... And it's hard to remember.

They take into account the observations from the previous paragraphs (usually one main release year, which will appear at the beginning of the year and the fact that the game is already quite mature) I decided that it was time to change the naming nomenclature to the PR numbering used by many tapeworm games (well, FIFA 18 and these things).

Therefore, I decided that the next edition of the game will be named according to the following scheme.

Film Business 2nd Edition 2018

Does it therefore provide only one version per year and nothing more? Nothing like that (there will definitely be some corrections). Such editions will be called updates. So, for example:

Film Business 2nd Edition 2018 Update 1

(in English, however, it probably sounds better)

Movie Business 2 Edition 2018 Update 1

In the game, the abbreviated notation according to the X.Y.X.Build nomenclature will look like this: 2.2018.1.build

We'll see if this PR move will bring any measurable results, if not, at least I hope that it will be clearer for players.

That's it for today and in the next post the first specifics ... Or rather flavors associated with festivals.

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