In the next version:

Film Business 2 already has so much of the content that I have found useful to the internal search engine. Thanks to it you will be able to:

  • search for information about the movies and artists
  • you will receive additional special features not available from the normal interface
  • additional statistics about the set
  • use cheat codes

Below you will find a bit more information about each of the above options.

Search a set of artists used in the game for movies and the developers will:

  • search all the artist available in the current set by name and last name
  • search for available cult characters
  • search movie made in given game by titles
  • check whether the given film is among the cult movies by IMDBId
  • search for cult movies produced in the game

Special features allow you to:

  • check the producer's relationship with creators
  • block availability of anime
  • blocking the creators from given country
  • blocking the creators with given job
  • show all artists from given country
  • show all the creators with given job
  • view all cult movies produced in a game

The following statistics will be available

  • number of creators available in the set from given country
  • number of creators who start a career in a specific year
  • number of creators by job
  • Award statistics by artists

Cheat codes:

  • increase in cash
  • further, up to feature, studio

Besides, there will also be some small easter eggs.

If you see any other use for the search engine let me know.

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