Version 0.9.5 this with cheat codes

Today the premiere of the next version of the game marked passes 0.9.5. This time, there's not much new functionality or rather, grinding and minor extensions to what already exists in the game. The changes apply in most parts but it apparently details make the difference. I invite you to look at the changes introduced and modifications, which the summary can be found in the further part of this entry.

The biggest new feature is a search engine that besides being able to use the cheat codes allows you to search for information about the movies and the creators, provides special features not available from the normal interface and allows you to check the statistics on the set. More about how to use the search engine you will find in the a dedicated help chapter.


Were those which missed the annual festivals (so far dobywały festivals only when at least one video player was it nominated). Since this version, festivals are held always (although it is possible to not show the results window of the Festival, when there is no video players nominated for it). Contrary to appearances, this is not small change, as it required a modification of the game mechanics, which now may be a bit harder to earn rewards (videos virtual producers are better matched to the specific festivals). Modified algorithms also award for the best scenarios.

Extensions of relations

I received information that the relationship coincided with You and wanted to this component was developed. So a few extra game items also depend on our relationship with the developers. These are the

  • the opportunity to receive an additional script from the creator of which we have good relations
  • the possibility of receiving scenario cult film (if we have a good relationship with the creator of it occurring, and no one else wanted to produce it)
  • relationship with the creator also have some impact on the willingness of its occurrence in the sequel

More about the relationships you'll read in the help.

Cult movies

One of the loyal fans, Sebastian turned my attention on a certain feature of iconic films of which I have no thought when you make them. Well, it turned out that this feature works very well. Well, the iconic videos produced by the computer players to make it have a big advantage over players people, and more importantly is lost the difference between their levels of difficulty. So far was a clear difference between the player at the level of the amateur and a pro. Ago to often there have been tripping while the latter almost always ended with prizes. Cult movies have made that even amateurs produced ambitious and award-winning films that do not fit into their “profile”.

The second problem was the fact that you think iconic films popping up too often (the computer players at times produced what cult film).

So I decided to work on this element. First, in this version of the kind of cult movie will be carefully adjusted to the characteristics of the computer player. Amateurs will produce movies lighter and less ambitious while the pros will in most cases excluded commercial productions (of course there may be some exceptions to these rules but will be rather exceptions). This reduces the amount of a cult film produced by computer players. And more importantly you will be able to better control the realism by the selection of the type and amount of computer players. The more diverse the computer player dobierzecie to play the bigger the realism of the game (more iconic films will appear) and choosing the computer player with different levels of difficulty will increase the difficulty level of same the game (with more variety of films you need to compete).

Detailed information about the cult films can be found here.

Script adjustements

Also I have installed hotfix concept scenarios. Until now, these were trying to increase the level of scenario. In this version there will be two additional options. Well, getting rid of all animek with scenario and get rid of all non-actors (politicians, celebrities, characters, virtual etc). I think that a few people this option will appeal to. More about bug fixes the scenario you'll read in the dedicated help section.


All the time I am fighting with the accessibility of the game for new players, to help everyone starting play with the Film Business in this version the most important Windows have received ToolTips with elemental. The tool tips appear when you hover the mouse on a particular interface element.

Another small but seemed to me to be an important change in the interface is the information about the progress of the download updates. So far the major updates to the Assembly you can get the impression that the game is suspended (display message about verifying the update developers – Depending on the size of the update, the server load and speed – even for a few minutes). Now we will display information about the number of photos to be taken and the number of already downloaded.

Other changes

Because non-animki actors is a higher level of abstraction in the game, I decided that in the case of tenders Executive producer, scenarios for players on the lower difficulty levels should be deprived of such roles. Hence the now amateur-level scenarios offered Executive producers will be deprived.

In the case of the filming of the sequel, when a developer will not want to/can take part in the continuation of the. The window informing you of this will include a specific reason for this state of affairs. Thanks to this, the player will know whether or not a character does not want to play in the sequel or not (currently not available). In this one case, you can put down the production for some time until a particular person will be available again.

And it's probably the most important changes and modifications in this version. Although at first glance it may not look it somehow spectacularly I think many advanced players will appreciate them.

One more note. The movie business was far stored on my private account Dropboxa… as the company has changed its policy and no longer allows easy file sharing (now when you click on the link opens a page asking you to sign in and while you can still file without it download, but it is not as intuitive as before) I decided the official versions of the game will be currently can be downloaded from dedicated this goal.

So it's independent game portals and IndieDB. Page Download MB2 which, as usual, you can download the latest version of the game now contains the correct redirect. A list of all changes as usual in abbreviated form you will find in the version history.

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  1. Dziękuje za powołanie się akurat na naszą rozmowę i cieszy mnie widok kolejnych zmian i kolejnych ewolucji projektu.
    Bardzo się cieszę, że rozwój idzie w coraz lepszą stronę i mam nadzieję, że będę mógł jeszcze nie raz pomóc na różny sposób!

    Pozdrawiam ciepło i powodzenia w dalszych pracach 😉

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