At challenges game mode, it is necessary to complete specific tasks at a predefined parameters in limited time. There are 31 standard challenges in the game.

Features of challange

Each challenge is characterized by the following features:

  • start time
  • duration (date of completion)
  • available cash with which player starts the challenge
  • the amount of available credit
  • the number and difficulty of virtual players
  • difficulty of player (appropriate for the level of difficulty from other game modes)
  • availability of young artists
  • number of scripts ready to buy

Additional parameters of challenge: title, description (or what to do to complete it), and, in the case of some of the challenges, additional tips on how to successfully complete the challenge.

Unlocking challenges

Access to the next challenges is unlocked with the progress of a player in this game mode.

At the beginning player has access only to the first challenge – others are blocked. After successful completion of the first challenge two more will be unlocked. Further challenges are divided into packages, including 3 challenges in each. Next packages of challenges are unlocked upon successful completion of, at least, 2 challenges from the current package.

Example. To unlock a package 3 (or challenges 7, 8 ,9) You must complete at least two of the challenges 3, 4, 5.

The best score

The game keeps the player profile information on the progress of challenges. After successful completion of the challenges the game saves, and checks whether the result was the best player score:

Best performance is determined by the following parameters (from top):

  • number of months, during which the challenge was complete (smaller is better)
  • prestige points earned during challenge (the more the better)
  • cash available after the challenge (the more the better)

After completion of the challenges you can take it again, trying to beat your own record.

Challenges and MovieStats

If a player is registered at MovieStats service the results of the individual challenges are exported to there where you can compare them with other players. There is a comparison at the level of the specific challenges and global for the entire game mode.

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