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[Sticky] What to do if browser blocks your download of Movie Business

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Movie Business is free, non commercial project. That is the reason that game is not signed digitally. Such certificate cost some money which needs to be payed annually. For free, hobby project it is significant cost.

Unfortunately application which do not have digital signature is treated by Windows 10 as suspicious application. It may cause some unfriendly drawbacks.

One of them is by default blocking of download of such application. So what you can do if you have such problem (during the file download the process is interrupted with specific message).

Please note that I have Polish version of Windows so names of options can be a bit different in English one

1. Go to the Windows Defender settings (type Window Defender in search).

2. Choose Control of applications and browsers

3. In Check applications and files change Block to Warn

4. If you use Microsoft Edge make same changes to section SmartScreen for Microsoft Edge

This should solve the problem of blocking of download. Still you will get some warnings.


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