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The second part of the Movie Business offers the possibility to export films produced by players to the site with statistics online MovieStats. Thanks to this feature the best productions of each of the players can hit the global BoxOffice where you can see and compare achievements with other fans of the game. Unfortunately, due to the non-commercial nature of the Movie Business and, consequently, restrictions on the amount of space available on the servers, it is not possible to send all produced by the player movies. However, sometimes there are situations when you would like to share with other players (or the author of the game) film that wasn't the best but he distinguished himself from other production.

And the game mechanism is named reactionsEach movie produced by the player can be specially marked with a reaction. The movie marked in this way will always be exported to MovieStats (regardless of whether it was good enough to get to the default export).

The player can mark the film one of the following:

  • Cool – look what cool movie I made
  • Something wrong – something with this film is clearly wrong
  • Funny – some funny compilation of artists or title, genre and creators
  • Wired – When produced film is... wired
  • Something wrong with the review – descriptive review of this film is for some reason wrong/illogical
  • Brilliant review – it can't be generated by a computer!
  • WOW – I just "dropped my jaw" when I saw it
And here is how reactions looks in practice

With this feature, you can show off your custom, funny or strange productions. On the other hand, it will be easier to find examples of movies or reviews where something is wrong and possibly draw conclusions from them that will help improve the game.

In MovieStats, reaction-marked movies have special icons next to their titles. This makes it easier to find them among standard productions.

> Help > The end of the game

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