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Currently there are two main types of movies that player can produce. These are the short films and featured. The default type of movies are featured movies.

Short films

give the possibility easier experimentation without incurring high risk, in the form of loss and rapidly bankruptcy. They are cheaper to produce, and therefore, in case of failure, the effects are not as severe for the player.

How a short film is created ... The procedure is no different from the normal production of featured film. During creation the screenplay for short film.

Time of writing the screenplay for the short film is a bit shorter than normal movie, which of course results in, that if we wanted to sell such scenario also its price will be lower.

You can not buy scenarios for short film, so this is also a good lesson to the player to learn how to create your own scripts.

Other features of the short films.

  • the cost of cast and studio is 10 lower than the feature film ... but the audience, that wants to watch it is adequately smaller,
  • the lack of reviews and the possibility of announce them to festivals (currently such films are treated as exercises for producer),
  • short films are not available in Challenges,
  • most talented creators will will not want to be cast there (This limitation is due to the fear of it, to make that game did not become a game about short films, because everyone would like to choose the best creators for their production),
  • also there is no Festival, that granted awards for such films,
  • short films are also not considered also by for trophies and career objectives,

Short films do not bring such profits as featured films but on the other hand, they are less stressful for experiments (for example,. with the new genres). Moreover, this can be a slow but quite safe mechanism to increase the initial cash. Instead of immediately throw the featured film you can shoot some short forms, which will feed into future budget, bigger production.

> Help > The Game > Scripts

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