Temporary cost of production and its budget

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Temporary production costs are additional costs incurred by the player during the production of the film. Their amount depends on the number and types of creators involved in our project and the length of production of the film itself.

The monthly production costs depend on your budget (the cost of the entire movie). This means that you need to seriously consider how long your movie will produce. This is because with each month these costs may (but do not have to - due to a random factor) increase.

Example: Suppose our movie costs 5 million and the average monthly costs are 1% of the movie's budget. This means that the month of production burden our portfolio by another 50 thousand. Assuming that the production is to last 3 months, the additional production costs will amount to a little over 150,000 ("over" due to compound interest, ie 1% out of 5,000,000 in the first month, 5,000,000 + 50,000 in the second, etc.).

What will happen now if a random event occurs during production that delays our film ... we have another month when we will incur additional costs, when we want to censor it, similarly when we choose a better studio, additional time for production or post-production ... etc.

Now, if we are shooting a blockbuster and the budget of our film is 50 million, these costs are already 10 times higher, i.e. a 10-month production of a film with such a budget can reduce our portfolio by over 5 million ... as you can see the difference is visible to the naked eye.

This element significantly influences the production of films, in particular blockbusters with a large budget and post-production (where the length of the film depends on the number of special effects or post-production). They have a strong impact on the total production budget precisely through the temporary costs generated during the creation of the film.

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